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The Pachabo Collection

I am grateful to Tim Bourke for sending me this collection, which I added to the website in early 2015.

These problems appeared in a Melbourne, Australia, newspaper in 1945-46.  They are mostly quite basic and I include them primarily for historical interest and for the sake of completeness.  In several cases the solutions are far from precise.  Tim Bourke is uncertain as to which newspaper, exactly, but has narrowed it down to either The Age or The Herald.  The columnist was one Les Parker.

The origin of the name "Pachabo" is unclear.  It was a pseudonym used by the England-based Australian bridge writer  Arthur E. Whitelaw before 1940.  In 1935 Whitelaw presented The Pachabo Cup, which has been competed for annually by England's county champions ever since.  "Pachabo" was also the name of a bidding system invented by William Noall, a fellow Australian, in the 1930s.  Tim Bourke conjectures that Noall, a partner in a stockbroking firm, might have paid Parker to use that name for his Melbourne column.  Added 28/11/2016:  It turns out that Number 35 in this collection is an almost exact copy of Number 303 in the George Coffin Collection, composed by that same William Noall.  The plot thickens!  Thanks to A.V. Ramana Rao for spotting the duplication when I added Number 35.

We do not know who composed these problems, or even whether it was just one person or several.  The conjectured possibility that that they were all composed by Les Parker himself seems to be contradicted by Number 35.  I have faithfully copied the columnist's idiosyncratic names for the four hands, replacing the usual North, East, South, and West.

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